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Institute of Rural Economics

Deputy Director

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Research and policy advice on rural areas strengthened: one Thünen-Institute becomes two

The Thünen Institute of Rural Studies has been researching rural areas in all their breadth. As of 1 December 2021 the research will commence under the roof of two institutes with different, complementary focuses.

The Institute of Rural Economics (WI) was newly founded and will focus on economic issues. It will be established in Höxter. Complementary to this, the existing Institute of Rural Studies (LV) will, in the future, concentrate more on social science issues and expand in terms of personnel. While changing its German name, the Institute of Rural Studies retains its English name.

This page contains preliminary information on the two institutes, their fields of activity and the relevant contact persons. The development of two independent institute websites will take some time.

Fields of Activity

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Fields of Activity Institute of Rural Studies
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