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Institute of

SF Sea Fisheries

Dr. Katharina Schulte

Institute of Sea Fisheries

Research interests

  • Fisheries exploitation of brown shrimp
  • Statistical Modelling

Educational background and employment

  • since 2010: PhD-student at the at the Institute of Hydrobiology and Fisheries Sciences (Ihf) and at the Thünen-Institute of Sea Fisheries in the EU project COEXIST
  • 2008-2010: Postgraduate studies of Medical Biometry/Biostatistics at the University of Bremen
  • Master’s thesis:  “Long-term trends in the prevalence of diseases in common dab Limanda limanda with regard to host factors and geographical region”
  • 2003 - 2008: Studies of Biology at the University of Hamburg
  • Diploma thesis:  “Male mating decisions in the cannibalistic orb-web spider Argiope bruennichi”


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