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Making regional cooperation more efficient

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Strengthening regional cooperation in the area of fisheries data collection

All neighbouring European Member States along the North Sea and North Atlantic are collecting biological data in the fisheries sector. In order to strengthen cooperation in fisheries sampling, we develop scenarios for sensible planning and conduction of biological data collection within these regions, based on case studies.

Background and Objective

The EU Member States are inter alia obliged to sample commercial fisheries within the European fishing regions via the Data Collection Framework (DCF), see project description. All neighbouring countries have to set up and conduct their own programmes for data collection. In doing so, it has to be ensured that biological sampling in harbours and onboard fishing vessels is regionally coordinated and statistically sound.

The aim of our project is to show how data collection tasks can be regionally shared in a better way, using typical fisheries for the regions North Sea and North Atlantic, and we are going to recommend corresponding options for action to the European Commission.

Target Group

Science & Politics


  • Production of a regional data set
  • Development of scenarios for collaboration based on case studies
  • Recommendation of options for strengthening regional cooperation

Our Research Questions

  • How should an efficient regional task-sharing in data collection in fisheries harbours and onboard fishing vessels look like?
  • How can the data quality of regional data sets be jointly analysed and improved?


see Final Report

Involved external Thünen-Partners

Funding Body

  • European Union (EU)
    (international, öffentlich)


4.2015 - 4.2016

More Information

Project funding number: MARE/2014/19
Project status: finished

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