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GDA_NT 2021 - Genetic data analysis and numerical tests

GDA_NT 2021 is a computer program to analyse population genetic data. The software works with data of co-dominant inherited gene markers of different populations. These gene markers are either located in the nucleus of diploid organisms (e.g. nSNPs, nSSRs) or they are from organelles (chloroplast or mitochondria).

The program has three different applications:

  1. Calculation of population genetic parameters such as measures of genetic diversity, genetic differentiation, heterozygosity and kinship among individuals
  2. Genetic assignment of unknown samples to alternative reference populations
  3. Quality check of new developed gene markers for population genetic applications

The statistical significance of population genetic parameters and the exclusion probabilities in frame of the genetic assignment are measured with numerical tests. The program runs under Windows 10 (and older versions).

Here you can download:

The use of the software gets explained in the following videos:

How to cite the program: Degen, B. (2022): GDA-NT 2021 a computer program for population genetic data analysis and assignment. Conservation Genetics Resources.DOI: 10.1007/s12686-022-01283-2

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