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Biotechnological generation of tetraploid parent plants of poplar and black locust for breeding of highly productive triploid trees (Tetraploide)

The high growth performance and resistance traits of triploid trees are well known for a long time. With respect to recently enhanced activities at creating and selecting new plant material for biomass production, triploids might be of increasing importance. The aim of the project is the generation of stable tetraploid plants to use them as parent plants for cross breeding to get triploid plants with high performance. In contrast to other methods, combining polyploidisation of plants with in v

Background and Objective

Creation of tetraploid plants as a precondition for the creation of triploid plants


Biotechnological creation of tetraploid plants in vitro


10.2010 - 3.2014

More Information

Project status: finished


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    Ewald D, Ulrich K, Ring N (2012) Erzeugung tetraploider Pappeln als Kreuzungspartner für die Züchtung leistungsfähiger triploider Klone zur Steigerung der Biomasseproduktion. Beitr Nordwestdt Forstl Versuchsanst 8: 385

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