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Publications as an employee of Thuenen-Institute

  1. 0

    Hanel R, Gaspare L, Mwakosya C, Kanyairitha C, Kaijage LL, Kammann U, Wysujack K (2024) Assessing the biodiversity of eels of Tanzania - Promoting sustainable fisheries through environmental monitoring and capacity building (BIOEELS). Bremerhaven: Thünen Institute of Fisheries Ecology, 2 p, Project Brief Thünen Inst 2024/02a, DOI:10.3220/PB1705398344000

  2. 1

    Hanel R, Gaspare L, Mwakosya C, Kanyairitha C, Kaijage LL, Kammann U, Wysujack K (2024) Bewertung der biologischen Vielfalt von Aalen in Tansania (BIOEELS). Bremerhaven: Thünen-Institut für Fischereiökologie, 2 p, Project Brief Thünen Inst 2024/02, DOI:10.3220/PB1705398049000

  3. 2

    Kasmi Y, Neumann H, Haslob H, Blancke T, Möckel B, Postel U, Hanel R (2024) Comparative analysis of bottom trawl and nanopore sequencing in fish biodiversity assessment: The Sylt outer reef example. Mar Environ Res 199:106602, DOI:10.1016/j.marenvres.2024.106602

  4. 3

    Gaspare L, Mwakosya C, Kaijage L, Kanyairitha C, Wysujack K, Hanel R (2024) Environmental monitoring and genetic identification of freshwater fish species enable the conservation of biodiversity in coastal rivers of Tanzania : Policy brief. Dar es Salaam: University of Dar es Salaam, 7 p

  5. 4

    Sundin J, Freese M, Marohn L, Blancke T, Hanel R (2024) Occurrence of the pugnose pipefish Bryx dunckeri in the Sargasso Sea. J Fish Biol 104(4):1231-1236, DOI:10.1111/jfb.15642

  6. 5

    Höhne L, Briand C, Freese M, Marohn L, Pohlmann J-D, Van der Hammen T, Hanel R (2024) Risks of regionalized stock assessments for widely distributed species like the panmictic European eel. ICES J Mar Sci: Online First, Jun 2024, DOI:10.1093/icesjms/fsae069

  7. 6

    Hanel R, Freese M, Marohn L, Auel H, Blazina M, Claver C, Couret M, Diaz-Pérez J, Ferrer L, Konvicková Z, Major W, Pohlmann J-D, Rommel ACM, Williams J, Wysujack K (2023) Assessing oceanic impacts on arrival and transport of European eel larvae, Cruise No. M185, 29.10.2022 - 26.11.2022, Hamburg (Germany) - Lisbon (Portugal) [online]. Bonn, 52 p, Meteor-Berichte (M185), zu finden in <> [zitiert am 31.08.2023], DOI:10.48433/cr_m185

  8. 7

    Kasmi Y, Blancke T, Eschbach E, Möckel B, Casas L, Bernreuther M, Nogueira P, Delfs G, Kadhim S, Meißner T, Rödiger M, Eladdadi A, Stransky C, Hanel R (2023) Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) assessment approaches in the North and Baltic Sea: A comparison of environmental DNA analysis versus bottom trawl sampling. Front Mar Sci 10:1058354, DOI:10.3389/fmars.2023.1058354

  9. 8

    Marohn L, Höhne L, Freese M, Pohlmann J-D, Hanel R (2023) Blankaalabwanderung in der niedersächsischen Ems. Bremerhaven: Thünen-Institut für Fischereiökologie, 1 p, Project Brief Thünen Inst 2023/43, DOI:10.3220/PB1697190854000

  10. 9

    Höhne L, Freese M, Marohn L, Pohlmann J-D, Hanel R (2023) Blankaalabwanderung in der niedersächsischen Ems: Quantitative Untersuchungen zur Verbesserung von Management, Bewirtschaftung und Schutz des Europäischen Aals (BALANCE). Braunschweig: Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, 47 p

  11. 10

    Kammann U, Pohlmann J-D, Wariaghli F, Bourassi H, Regelsberger K, Yahyaoui A, Hanel R (2023) COFISHMAP - Assessment of Moroccan coastal fish habitat and water quality. Bremerhaven: Thünen Institute of Fisheries Ecology, 2 p, Project Brief Thünen Inst 2023/08a, DOI:10.3220/PB1672824208000

  12. 11

    Kammann U, Pohlmann J-D, Wariaghli F, Bourassi H, Regelsberger K, Yahyaoui A, Hanel R (2023) COFISHMAP - Bewertung der Qualität von küstennahen Fisch-Habitaten in Marokko. Bremerhaven: Thünen-Institut für Fischereiökologie, 2 p, Project Brief Thünen Inst 2023/08, DOI:10.3220/PB1672823831000

  13. 12

    Hanel R, Schlundt M, Freese M, Marohn L, Pohlmann J-D, Wysujack K (2023) Continuous thermosalinograph oceanography along RV Meteor cruise track M185 [Datenpublikation] [online]. Bremerhaven: PANGAEA, zu finden in <> [zitiert am 31.08.2023], DOI:10.1594/PANGAEA.960971

  14. 13

    Casas L, Hanel R, Piferrer F, Saborido-Rey F (2023) Editorial: Prospects and challenges for the implementation of HTS genetic methods in fisheries research surveys and stock assessments. Front Mar Sci 10:1238133, DOI:10.3389/fmars.2023.1238133

  15. 14

    Helmerson C, Weist P, Brieuc MSO, Maurstad MF, Schade FM, Dierking J, Petereit C, Knutsen H, Metcalfe J, Righton D, Andre C, Krumme U, Jentoft S, Hanel R (2023) Evidence of hybridization between genetically distinct Baltic cod stocks during peak population abundance(s). Evol Appl 16(7):1359-1376, DOI:10.1111/eva.13575

  16. 15

    Huisman JBJ, Höhne L, Hanel R, Kuipers H, Schollema PP, Nagelkerke L (2023) Factors influencing the downstream passage of European silver eels (Anguilla anguilla) through a tidal sluice. J Fish Biol 103(2):347-356, DOI:10.1111/jfb.15398

  17. 16

    Kasmi Y, Eschbach E, Hanel R (2023) Mare-MAGE curated reference database of fish mitochondrial genes. BMC Genomic Data 24:18, DOI:10.1186/s12863-023-01119-4

  18. 17

    Hanel R (2023) Master track of METEOR cruise M185 in 1 sec resolution (zipped, 15.7 MB) [Datenpublikation] [online]. 1 Zip-Ordner. Bremerhaven: PANGAEA, zu finden in <> [zitiert am 05.09.2023], DOI:10.1594/PANGAEA.957633

  19. 18

    Hanel R (2023) Master tracks in different resolutions of METEOR cruise M185, Hamburg - Lisbon, 2022-10-30 - 2022-11-26 [Datenpublikation] [online]. 1 TAB-Datei. Bremerhaven: PANGAEA, zu finden in <> [zitiert am 05.09.2023], DOI:10.1594/PANGAEA.957630

  20. 19

    Höhne L, Freese M, Pohlmann J-D, Diekmann M, Fladung E, Huisman JBJ, Hanel R, Marohn L (2023) Overestimating management progress - modelled vs. monitored silver eel escapement in a North Sea draining river. ICES J Mar Sci 80(7):1936-1948, DOI:10.1093/icesjms/fsad122

  21. 20

    Durif CM, Pohlmann J-D, Amilhat E, Bašic T, Bdioui M, Beaulaton L, Belpaire C, Boulenger C, Brämick U, Briand C, Camara K, Catarino R, Ciccotti E, Diaz E, Didrikas T, Domingos I, Drouineau H, Freese M, Hanel R, Marohn L, et al (2023) Report of the Joint EIFAAC/ICES/GFCM Working Group on Eels (WGEEL). Copenhagen: ICES, iv, 165 p, ICES Sci Rep 5(98), DOI:10.17895/

  22. 21

    Marohn L, Höhne L, Freese M, Pohlmann J-D, Hanel R (2023) Silver eel escapement in the River Ems. Bremerhaven: Thünen Institute of Fisheries Ecology, 1 p, Project Brief Thünen Inst 2023/43a, DOI:10.3220/PB1697191686000

  23. 22

    Pohlmann J-D, Pelster B, Wysujack K, Marohn L, Freese M, Lindemann C, Hanel R (2023) Temperature and pressure dependency of oxygen consumption during long-term sustained swimming of European eels. J Exp Biol 226(17):jeb246095, DOI:10.1242/jeb.246095

  24. 23

    Merk B, Höhne L, Freese M, Marohn L, Hanel R, Pohlmann J-D (2023) To hear or not to hear: selective tidal stream transport can interfere with the detectability of migrating silver eels in a tidal river. Animal Biotelemetry 11:44, DOI:10.1186/s40317-023-00353-y

  25. 24

    Wysujack K, Marohn L, Lindemann C, Illing B, Freese M, Pohlmann J-D, Reiser S, Debes PV, Meskendahl L, Pelster B, Hanel R (2022) A novel hyperbaric swimming respirometer allows the simulation of varying swimming depths in fish respirometry studies. Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol 264:111117, DOI:10.1016/j.cbpa.2021.111117

  26. 25

    Hanel R, Lindemann C, Freese M, Marohn L, Pohlmann J-D, Wysujack K (2022) Die Schwimm-Physiologie des Europäischen Aals unter regelbaren Überdruckbedingungen (SPEER). Bremerhaven: Thünen-Institut für Fischereiökologie, 1 p, Project Brief Thünen Inst 2022/01, DOI:10.3220/PB1641287451000

  27. 26

    Kammann U, Pohlmann J-D, Wariaghli F, Bourassi H, Regelsberger K, Yahyaoui A, Hanel R (2022) Heavy metal contamination in European conger (Conger conger, Linnaeus 1758) along the coastline of Morocco. Environ Sci Europe 34:114, DOI:10.1186/s12302-022-00694-0

  28. 27

    Kammann U, Pohlmann J-D, Wariaghli F, Bourassi H, Regelsberger K, Yahyaoui A, Hanel R (2022) Heavy metal contamination in European conger (Conger conger, Linnaeus 1758) along the coastline of Morocco [Datenpublikation] [online]. 1 CSV-File. Göttingen: OpenAgrar, zu finden in <> [zitiert am 05.04.2024], DOI:10.3220/DATA20240326100006-0

  29. 28

    Bunge A, Lugert V, McClure M, Kammann U, Hanel R, Scharsack JP (2022) Less impact than suspected: Dietary exposure of three-spined sticklebacks to microplastic fibers does not affect their body condition and immune parameters. Sci Total Environ 819:153077, DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.153077

  30. 29

    Hanel R, Marohn L, Westerberg H (2022) No new evidence for an Atlantic eels spawning area outside the Sargasso Sea. Sci Rep 12:11778, DOI:10.1038/s41598-022-14882-8

  31. 30

    Bunge A, Int-Veen I, Lang T, Hanel R, Scharsack JP, Kammann U (2022) PlasM - Microplastic in fish. Bremerhaven: Thünen Institute of Fisheries Ecology, 2 p, Project Brief Thünen Inst 2022/04a, DOI:10.3220/PB1643102022000

  32. 31

    Bunge A, Int-Veen I, Lang T, Hanel R, Scharsack JP, Kammann U (2022) PlasM - Mikroplastik im Fisch. Bremerhaven: Thünen-Institut für Fischereiökologie, 2 p, Project Brief Thünen Inst 2022/04, DOI:10.3220/PB1643101116000

  33. 32

    Weist P, Jentoft S, Torresen OK, Schade FM, Pampoulie C, Krumme U, Hanel R (2022) The role of genomic signatures of directional selection and demographic history in the population structure of a marine teleost with high gene flow. Ecol Evol 12(12):e9602, DOI:10.1002/ece3.9602

  34. 33

    Hanel R, Lindemann C, Freese M, Marohn L, Pohlmann J-D, Wysujack K (2022) The swimming physiology of the European eel under regulable hyperbaric conditions (SPEER). Bremerhaven: Thünen Institute of Fisheries Ecology, 1 p, Project Brief Thünen Inst 2022/01a, DOI:10.3220/PB1641288045000

  35. 34

    Brenn C, Schröder U, Hanel R, Arbizu PM (2021) A multiplex real-time PCR screening assay for routine species identification of four commercially relevant crustaceans. Food Contr 125:107986, DOI:10.1016/j.foodcont.2021.107986

  36. 35

    Lopes EP, Monteiro V, Martins A, Coelho R, Freitas R, Blancke T, Hanel R (2021) Confirmed record of the roughear scad Decapterus tabl in the Cabo Verde Archipelago based on morphological and genetic data. Zoologia Caboverdiana 9(1):3-13

  37. 36

    Kusche H, Hanel R (2021) Consumers of mislabeled tropical fish exhibit increased risks of ciguatera intoxication: A report on substitution patterns in fish imported at Frankfurt Airport, Germany. Food Contr 121:107647, DOI:10.1016/j.foodcont.2020.107647

  38. 37

    Capoccioni F, Leone C, Giustini F, Brilli M, Buttazzoni L, Hanel R, Ciccotti E (2021) δ13C and δ15N in yellow and silver eels (Anguilla anguilla, 1758) from different Mediterranean local stocks and their variation with body size and growth. Mar Freshwater Res 72(8):1208-1219, DOI:10.1071/MF20144

  39. 38

    Marohn L, Schaber M, Freese M, Pohlmann J-D, Wysujack K, Czudaj S, Blancke T, Hanel R (2021) Distribution and diel vertical migration of mesopelagic fishes in the Southern Sargasso Sea - observations through hydroacoustics and stratified catches. Mar Biodiv 51:87, DOI:10.1007/s12526-021-01216-6

  40. 39

    Righton D, Piper A, Aarestrup K, Amilhat E, Belpaire C, Casselman J, Castonguay M, Diaz E, Dörner H, Faliex E, Feunteun E, Fukuda N, Hanel R, Hanzen C, Jellyman D, Kaifu K, McCarthy K, Miller MJ, Pratt T, Sasal P, et al (2021) Important questions to progress science and sustainable management of anguillid eels. Fish Fisheries 22(4):762-788, DOI:10.1111/faf.12549

  41. 40

    Pohlmann J-D, Bryhn A, Sapounidis A, Svagzdys A, Taylor A, El Ganainy A, Fernandez-Delgado C, Durif CM, Briand C, Leone C, O’Leary C, Boulenger C, Belpaire C, Evans D, Hala E, Papnikolaou E, Ciccotti E, Marohn L, Freese M, Hanel R, et al (2021) Joint EIFAAC/ICES/GFCM Working Group on Eels (WGEEL). Copenhagen: ICES, 205 p, ICES Sci Rep 3(85), DOI:10.17895/

  42. 41

    Kasmi Y, Eschbach E, Hanel R (2021) Mare-MAGE database A curated reference database of fish mitochondrial genes [Datenpublikation] [online]. Iasi, London, Boston: figshare, figshare collection, zu finden in <> [zitiert am 16.01.2023], DOI:10.6084/m9.figshare.c.5410161.v5

  43. 42

    Int-Veen I, Nogueira P, Isigkeit J, Hanel R, Kammann U (2021) Positively buoyant but sinking: Polymer identification and composition of marine litter at the seafloor of the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Mar Pollut Bull 172:112876, DOI:10.1016/j.marpolbul.2021.112876

  44. 43

    Lupše N, Cortesi F, Freese M, Marohn L, Pohlmann J-D, Wysujack K, Hanel R, Musilova Z (2021) Visual gene expression reveals a cone-to-rod developmental progression in deep-sea fishes. Mol Biol Evol 38(12):5664-5677, DOI:10.1093/molbev/msab281

  45. 44

    Biseau A, Diaz E, Beaulaton L, Boughaba J, Briand C, Cardinale M, Ciccotti E, Dekker W, Domingos I, Drouineau H, Durif CM, Evans D, van Gemert R, Gollock M, Van der Hammen T, Hanel R, Kaifu K, Janiak K, O’Leary C, Pohlmann J-D, et al (2021) Workshop on the future of eel advice (WKFEA). Copenhagen: ICES, 67 p, ICES Sci Rep 3(13), DOI:10.17895/

  46. 45

    Frommel AY, Hermann BT, Michael K, Lucassen M, Clemmesen C, Hanel R, Reusch TBH (2020) Differential gene expression patterns related to lipid metabolism in response to ocean acidification in larvae and juveniles of Atlantic cod. Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol 247:110740, DOI:10.1016/j.cbpa.2020.110740

  47. 46

    Koske D, Goldenstein N, Rosenberger T, Machulik U, Hanel R, Kammann U (2020) Dumped munitions: New insights into the metabolization of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene in Baltic flatfish. Mar Environ Res 160:104992, DOI:10.1016/j.marenvres.2020.104992

  48. 47

    Roth O, Solbakken MH, Torresen OK, Bayer T, Matschiner M, Baalsrud HT, Hoff SNK, Brieuc MSO, Haase D, Hanel R, Reusch TBH, Jentoft S (2020) Evolution of male pregnancy associated with remodeling of canonical vertebrate immunity in seahorses and pipefishes. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 117(17):9431-9439, DOI:10.1073/pnas.1916251117

  49. 48

    Koske D, Straumer K, Goldenstein N, Hanel R, Lang T, Kammann U (2020) First evidence of explosives and their degradation products in dab (Limanda limanda L.) from a munition dumpsite in the Baltic Sea. Mar Pollut Bull 155:111131, DOI:10.1016/j.marpolbul.2020.111131

  50. 49

    Becke C, Beeck P, Behrmann-Godel J, Brinker A, Fey D, Focken U, Füllner G, Hanel R, Harder H, Lasner T, Lemcke R, Momme M, Posselt U, Reiser S, Reiter R, Stapel J, Scharsack JP, Schiller T, Schmekel K, Schmidt G, et al (2020) Nationaler Strategieplan Aquakultur NASTAQ 2021 - 2030 für Deutschland. Bonn: Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft (BMEL), 157 p

  51. 50

    Schneebauer G, Lindemann C, Drechsel V, Marohn L, Wysujack K, Santidrian E, Dirks R, Hanel R, Pelster B (2020) Swimming under elevated hydrostatic pressure increases glycolytic activity in gas gland cells of the European eel. PLoS One 15(9):e0239627, DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0239627

  52. 51

    Miller MJ, Hanel R, Feunteun E, Tsukamoto K (2020) The food source of Sargasso Sea leptocephali. Mar Biol 167:57, DOI:10.1007/s00227-020-3662-6

  53. 52

    Weist P, Schade FM, Damerau M, Barth JM, Dierking J, Andre C, Petereit C, Reusch TBH, Jentoft S, Hanel R, Krumme U (2019) Assessing SNP-markers to study population mixing and ecological adaptation in Baltic cod. PLoS One 14(6):e0218127, DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0218127

  54. 53

    Freese M, Yokota Rizzo L, Pohlmann J-D, Marohn L, Witten PE, Gremse F, Rütten S, Güvener N, Michael S, Wysujack K, Lammers T, Kiessling F, Hollert H, Hanel R, Brinkmann M (2019) Bone resorption and body reorganization during maturation induce maternal transfer of toxic metals in anguillid eels. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 116(23):11339-11344, DOI:10.1073/pnas.1817738116

  55. 54

    Lüskow F, Neitzel P, Miller MJ, Marohn L, Wysujack K, Freese M, Pohlmann J-D, Hanel R (2019) Distribution and abundance of net-captured calycophoran siphonophores and other gelatinous zooplankton in the Sargasso Sea European eel spawning area. Mar Biodiv 49(5):2333-2349, DOI:10.1007/s12526-019-00971-x

  56. 55

    Pohlmann J-D, Freese M, Reiser S, Hanel R (2019) Evaluation of lethal and non-lethal assessment methods of muscle fat content in European eel (Anguilla anguilla). Can J Fish Aquat Sci 76(4):569-575

  57. 56

    Hohenadler MAA, Nachev M, Freese M, Pohlmann J-D, Hanel R, Sures B (2019) How Ponto-Caspian invaders affect local parasite communities of native fish. Parasitol Res 118(9):2543–2555, DOI:10.1007/s00436-019-06399-3

  58. 57

    Hellenbrecht LM, Freese M, Pohlmann J-D, Westerberg H, Blancke T, Hanel R (2019) Larval distribution of the ocean sunfishes Ranzania laevis and Masturus lanceolatus (Tetraodontiformes: Molidae) in the Sargasso Sea subtropical convergence zone. J Plankton Res 41(5):595-608, DOI:10.1093/plankt/fbz057

  59. 58

    Miller MJ, Marohn L, Wysujack K, Bonhommeau S, Kuroki M, Freese M, Pohlmann J-D, Watanabe S, Blancke T, Weist P, Castonguay M, Westerberg H, Tsukamoto K, Hanel R (2019) Larval size-distributions of Ariosoma balearicum cryptic species during the March-April season in the Sargasso Sea Subtropical Convergence Zone. Environ Biol Fishes 102(10):1231–1252, DOI:10.1007/s10641-019-00900-8

  60. 59

    Miller MJ, Marohn L, Wysujack K, Freese M, Pohlmann J-D, Westerberg H, Tsukamoto K, Hanel R (2019) Morphology and gut contents of anguillid and marine eel larvae in the Sargasso Sea. Zool Anz 279:138-151, DOI:10.1016/j.jcz.2019.01.008

  61. 60

    Hanel R, Briand C, Diaz E, Döring R, Sapounidis A, Warmerdam W, Andres M, Freese M, Marcelis A, Marohn L, Pohlmann J-D, Scharrenburg M van, Waidmann N, Walstra J, Werkman M, Wilde Jde, Wysujack K (2019) Research for PECH Committee - Environmental, social and economic sustainability of European eel management. Brussels: European Parliament Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies, 187 p, DOI:10.2861/033620

  62. 61

    Miller MJ, Westerberg H, Sparholt H, Wysujack K, Sorensen SR, Marohn L, Jacobsen MW, Freese M, Ayala DJ, Pohlmann J-D, Svendsen JC, Watanabe S, Andersen L, Moller PR, Tsukamoto K, Munk P, Hanel R (2019) Spawning by the European eel across 2000 km of the Sargasso Sea. Biol Lett 15:20180835, DOI:10.1098/rsbl.2018.0835

  63. 62

    Musilova Z, Cortesi F, Matschiner M, Davies WIL, Suresh Patel J, Stieb SM, de Busserolles F, Malmstroem M, Tørresen OK, Brown CJ, Mountford JK, Hanel R, Stenkamp DL, Jakobsen KS, Carleton KL, Jentoft S, Marshall J, Salzburger W (2019) Vision using multiple distinct rod opsins in deep-sea fishes. Science 364(6440):588-592

  64. 63

    Westerberg H, Miller MJ, Wysujack K, Marohn L, Freese M, Pohlmann J-D, Watanabe S, Tsukamoto K, Hanel R (2018) Larval abundance across the European eel spawning area: An analysis of recent and historic data. Fish Fisheries 19(5):890-902, DOI:10.1111/faf.12298

  65. 64

    Westerberg H, Pacariz S, Marohn L, Fagerström V, Wysujack K, Miller MJ, Freese M, Pohlmann J-D, Hanel R (2018) Modeling the drift of European (Anguilla anguilla) and American (Anguilla rostrata) eel larvae during the year of spawning. Can J Fish Aquat Sci 75(2):224-234, DOI:10.1139/cjfas-2016-0256

  66. 65

    Poulsen JY, Miller MJ, Sado T, Hanel R, Tsukamoto K, Miya M (2018) Resolving deep-sea pelagic saccopharyngiform eel mysteries: Identification of Neocyema and Monognathidae leptocephali and establishment of a new fish family "Neocyematidae" based on larvae, adults and mitogenomic gene orders. PLoS One 13(7):e0199982, DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0199982

  67. 66

    Lischka A, Piatkowski U, Hanel R (2017) Cephalopods of the Sargasso Sea: distribution patterns in relation to oceanography. Mar Biodiv 47(3):685-697, DOI:10.1007/s12526-016-0629-4

  68. 67

    Baalsrud HT, Voja KL, Tørresen OK, Solbakken MH, Matschiner M, Malmstroem M, Hanel R, Salzburger W, Jakobsen KS, Jentoft S (2017) Evolution of hemoglobin genes in codfishes influenced by ocean depth. Sci Rep 7:7956, DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-08286-2

  69. 68

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  70. 69

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  71. 70

    Freese M, Sühring R, Marohn L, Pohlmann J-D, Wolschke H, Byer J, Alaee M, Ebinghaus R, Hanel R (2017) Maternal transfer of dioxin-like compounds in artificially matured European eels. Environ Pollut 227:348-356, DOI:10.1016/j.envpol.2017.04.096

  72. 71

    Damerau M, Freese M, Hanel R (2017) Multi-gene phylogeny of jacks and pompanos (Caragidae), including placement of monotypic vadigo Campogramma glaycos. J Fish Biol 92(1):190-202, DOI:10.1111/jfb.13509

  73. 72

    Marohn L, Hanel R (2017) Untersuchungen zur Aalvermehrung am Thünen-Institut - ein Statusbericht. Mitt Landesforschungsanst Landwirtsch Fischerei Mecklenburg Vorpommern 58:38-41

  74. 73

    Sähn N, Reiser S, Hanel R, Focken U (2017) Verfügbarkeit umweltrelevanter Daten zur deutschen Süßwasseraquakultur. Braunschweig: Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, 82 p, Thünen Rep 47, DOI:10.3220/REP1490946376000

  75. 74

    Durif CM, Bonhommeau S, Briand C, Browman HI, Castonguay M, Daverat F, Dekker W, Diaz E, Hanel R, Miller M, Moore A, Paris C, Skiftesvik AB, Westerberg H, Wickström H (2017) Whether European eel leptocephali use the Earth’s magnetic field to guide their migration remains an open question. Current Biol 27:R998-R1000, DOI:10.1016/j.cub.2017.08.045

  76. 75

    Jakob E, Walter T, Hanel R (2016) A checklist of the protozoan and metazoan parasites of European eel (Anguilla anguilla): checklist of Anguilla anguilla parasites. J Appl Ichthyol 32(4):757-804, DOI:10.1111/j.1439-0426.2009.01345.x

  77. 76

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  78. 77

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