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FI Fisheries Ecology


Reduction of environmental impact of aquaculture

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Development of strategies to avoid environmental effects of intensive rearing techniques in open and closed aquaculture systems.

The challenge to reduce environmental effects of aquaculture can only be met by the development of new technologies which lead to increased process quality. But only environmental friendly techniques can be used. Keeping fish in recyle systems represent such a procedures which strongly reduces water use and at the same time protects surface waters against eutrophycation. Measurements at existing systems and further develpments and testing of new developments also serve for advice of administrati

Preliminary Results

Research is performed on recycle systems used with sea water for fish and crustaceans, which can be reared in both types of waters. Data on environmental burdens from recycle systems were used for the formulation of ?Guidelines for the reduction of impacts of surface waters from fish cultures? which shall be used by lower water administrations responsible for fish farm permits in the future.


1.2001 - 12.2026

More Information

Project status: ongoing

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