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Peer-reviewed scientific paper by Cora Vos

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    Poeplau C, Jacobs A, Don A, Vos C, Schneider F, Wittnebel M, Tiemeyer B, Heidkamp A, Prietz R, Flessa H (2020) Stocks of organic carbon in German agricultural soils - Key results of the first comprehensive inventory. J Plant Nutr Soil Sci 183(6):665-681, DOI:10.1002/jpln.202000113

  2. 1

    Vos C, Don A, Hobley EU, Prietz R, Heidkamp A, Freibauer A (2019) Factors controlling the variation in organic carbon stocks in agricultural soils of Germany. Eur J Soil Sci 70(3):550-564, DOI:10.1111/ejss.12787

  3. 2

    Jaconi A, Vos C, Don A (2019) Near infrared spectroscopy as an easy and precise method to estimate soil texture. Geoderma 337:906-913, DOI:10.1016/j.geoderma.2018.10.038

  4. 3

    Don A, Hagen C, Grüneberg E, Vos C (2019) Simulated wild boar bioturbation increases the stability of forest soil carbon. Biogeosciences 16(21):4145-4155, DOI:10.5194/bg-16-4145-2019

  5. 4

    Vos C, Jaconi A, Jacobs A, Don A (2018) Hot regions of labile and stable soil organic carbon in Germany - Spatial variability and driving factors. Soil 4:153-167, DOI:10.5194/soil-4-153-2018

  6. 5

    Poeplau C, Vos C, Don A (2017) Soil organic carbon stocks are systematically overestimated by misuse of the parameters bulk density and rock fragment content. Soil 3:61-66, DOI:10.5194/soil-3-61-2017

  7. 6

    Vos C, Don A, Prietz R, Heidkamp A, Freibauer A (2016) Field-based soil-texture estimates could replace laboratory analysis. Geoderma 267:215-219, DOI:10.1016/j.geoderma.2015.12.022

  8. 7

    Gronwald M, Vos C, Helfrich M, Don A (2016) Stability of pyrochar and hydrochar in agricultural soil - a new field incubation method. Geoderma 284:85-92, DOI:10.1016/j.geoderma.2016.08.019

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