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Agricultural Soil Inventory (BZE-LW)

Cooperation with farmers

The farmers whose lands are included in the initial BZE-LW are again asked to participate in the second inventory by our acquisition team. The sampling will, of course, only take place with prior consent. Compensation for participation in the amount of 100 € is paid. The farmers agree on a date with the Thünen-Institute so that he/she can be present at the sampling if required. The results of the laboratory analyses of the individual sites are sent to the participating farmers. No subsidy-relevant information is collected or generated in the process. The BZE-LW results also do not replace fertilizer recommendations.

Soil sampling always includes a questionnaire about crop management and the history of land use. The farmers complete this questionnaire in writing (digital or analog) or in a telephone interview together with the BZE-LW team. These questionnaires are crucial for the scientific interpretation of the analysis results. All data and information are treated confidentially and processed anonymously. Distribution of the management data is avoided.

Below you will find the questionnaire sent by the Thünen Institute to participating farmers for the collection of farm data during the course of the second inventory.

You will find both a printable PDF version and a link to participate in the digital questionnaire. You will find the relevant ID for your sampling point in our cover letter. If you do not have it anymore, please contact Lukas Köhler.

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