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Institute of

AK Climate-Smart Agriculture

Agricultural Soil Inventory (BZE-LW)

Cooperation with farmers


The farmers owing or managing the fields which are to be sampled in course of the BZE-LW, are contacted by our team. The systematic approach of the BZE-LW is based on a 8 x 8 km sampling-grid. If one point of this grid is located on an arable field or a grassland, our team contacts the owner or manager of this field.

The sampling takes place only when the owner of the field agreed on it. The team of soil scientists are contacting the farmer before field work to enable the famer to join the sampling. The results of the field recordings and laboratory analysis are sent to the farmer. In this study, no information relevant for subventions are raised. Further, the BZW-LW results do not replace any practical advices, e. g. for fertilization.

In addition to soil sampling, a questionnaire on the agronomic management and the land use history of the field sampled is filled in by the farmer. This can be done as paperwork or during a phone interview with the BZE-LW team. These information are very important for the scientific interpretation of the analysis results. All information are handled confidentially and processed anonymously.

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