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Peer-reviewed articles of VIanny Ahimbisibwe

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    Zhunusova E, Ahimbisibwe V, Sen LTH, Sadeghi A, Toledo-Aceves T, Kabwe G, Günter S (2022) Potential impacts of the proposed EU regulation on deforestation-free supply chains on smallholders, indigenous peoples, and local communities in producer countries outside the EU. Forest Pol Econ 143:102817, DOI:10.1016/j.forpol.2022.102817

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    Köthke M, Ahimbisibwe V, Lippe M (2022) The evidence base on the environmental, economic and social outcomes of agroforestry is patchy - An evidence review map. Front Environ Sci 10:925477, DOI:10.3389/fenvs.2022.925477

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    Ahimbisibwe V, Groeneveld J, Lippe M, Tumwebaze SB, Auch E, Berger U (2021) Understanding smallholder farmer decision making in forest land restoration using agent-based modeling. Socio-Environ Sys Model 3:18036, DOI:10.18174/sesmo.2021a18036

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    Höhl M, Ahimbisibwe V, Stanturf JA, Elsasser P, Kleine M, Bolte A (2020) Forest landscape restoration - What generates failure and success? Forests 11(9):938, DOI:10.3390/f11090938

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    Ahimbisibwe V, Auch E, Groeneveld J, Tumwebaze SB, Berger U (2019) Drivers of household decision-making on land-use transformation: an example of woodlot establishment in Masindi District, Uganda. Forests 10:619

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