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A timber truck fully loaded with logs drives over a very simple wooden bridge in a forest.
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A timber truck fully loaded with logs drives over a very simple wooden bridge in a forest.
Institute of

WF Forestry

Prof. Dr. Ivan Sopushynskyy

  • Scientist at the Thünen Institute until August, 16. 2023

Working Area

  • Forest and Society · Economic Assessment

Regional Expertise

  • Ukraine, Poland, Europe, Germany

Project at the Thünen Institute

Previous completed projects

  • 05/2022 - 04/2023:"Improved assessment of the climate change stability of tree species using wood parameters and dendrochronological studies". Northwest German Forest Research Institute in Göttingen, Germany.
  • 05/2021 - 04/2022:"Ukraine: care for the environment and ecological education - sustainable development of a modern state". Project funding by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation of the program "RITA" - "Change in the Region" and the Foundation for Education and Democracy.
  • 07/2020 - 09/2020:"Adaptation of the forest to climate change: goals, strategies, principles of adaptation, silvicultural measures in the forests of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania".
    University for Sustainable Development in Eberswalde, Germany.
  • 05/2010 - 04/2011:"Interspecific variability of valuable deciduous tree species considering a high-quality decorative wood". Institute for Wood Science and Wood Technology of the Department of Materials Science and Process Engineering, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria.
  • 09/2009 - 04/2010:"Dendrochronology for the research of the Ukrainian cultural heritage - construction of long-term tree ring chronologies of oak wood as a dating tool and climate archive". Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape in Birmensdorf, Switzerland.
  • 09/2006 - 05/2009: (1) "Operational planning of logging and wood supply processes"; (2) "Accessibility of forest resources and development of a forest road network" and (3) "Development of accounting systems for forest sustainability dimensions in transition countries: Ukraine, Russia and Belarus." Forestry School in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

Curriculum Vitae

  • 1993: Studied at the forestry technical college in Storozynetz, qualification as master forester
  • 1996: Studied at the Ukrainian National Forestry University, degrees: Dipl.-Ing Forestry
  • and 1999: degrees: Dipl.-Ing. Business Administration
  • 2001: Doctorate in forest science and forestry
  • 2008: Awarded the academic title of Associate Professor at the Department of Botany, Wood Science and Non-Wood Forest Resources, Ukrainian National Forestry University
  • 2014: Habilitation (Dr. habil.) at the National Forestry University of Ukraine
  • 2019: Awarded the academic title of Professor in the Department of Botany, Wood Science and Non-Wood Forest Resources
  • 2021: Visiting Professor in Poland (Silesian Technical University), Spain (University of Valladolid), Romania (University of Cluj-Napoca)
  • 06/2023 - 08/2023: Researcher at the Thünen Institute of Forestry, Hamburg
  • Languages: Ukrainian, German, English, Polish, Russian

Cooperation on Scientific Panels

  • Silva World (editorial board)
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (editorial board)
  • Korrespondierendes Mitglied der Forstlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften der Ukraine
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