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WEHAM (BAU scenario)

Informations on the future development of forests and the potential outcome of different management activities are a valuable asset in the valuation of alternative management and policy options.

Background and Objective

Decisions taken today influence ecosystem goods and services (EGS) in decades and centuries to come. Good information about future potential EGS are thus important not only for wood-using industries and in greenhouse gas monitoring and mitigation, but also for assessing the overall sustainability of activities.


Based on data from the National Forest Inventory, WEHAM simulates tree growth, forest management, natural mortality, and regeneration of forest stands. The simulations can differentiate, among other factors, by tree species, federal state, type of ownership, etc. The harvested timber is asorted and can be included in e. g. models on wood products. Dead wood caused by natural mortality is lef in the forest ecosystem.


7.2014 - 12.2020

More Information

Project status: finished

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