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Citizen Science as approach for applied biodiversity research

Flower strips next to a harvested grain field
© Thünen-Institut/Anett Richter
Flower strips next to a harvested grain field

Development, Implementation and Assessment of citizen science approaches in the field of applied biodiversity research in agricultural landscapes

As part of the project MonViA (National Monitoring of Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes), a Citizen Science concept is to be developed, tested for its feasibility and installed. Citizen Science is understood as the voluntary participation of farmers and other key actors from agricultural landscapes such as beekeepers, hunters and gardeners. In MonViA generated sets of date about biological diversity are aimed to be complemented by information and results from citizen science-based activities.  Within the next 4 years, specific citizen science modules are developed and tested in selected regions or with selected participants and experts. Part of the development of frameworks for citizen science are the generation of knowledge how and with whom future monitoring of the biological diversity can be performed. The working group bundles expertise and interests in citizen science within Thünen and beyond.

Background and Objective

The working group is an amalgamation of employees from the Thünen Institute and the Julius Kühn Institute. The aim of the working group is a) to support each other in the development of Citizen Science, b) to coordinate joint projects and methodical steps and c) to exchange information on current developments. The Working Group is a voluntary association and relies on the commitment of its participants. The communication of the working group takes place via an email distribution list. If you are interested in being included in the mailing list, please contact Petra Dieker (MonViA overall coordination).


We apply methods from diverse science diciplines and work in cooperation with partners from Thünen-Institutes and external partners.


Preliminary results:

  • Working Group meetings taking place twice a year to enable exchange and support among each other.
  • Development of a communication strategy coordinated by the working group.
  • Development of Minimum Required Standards for Citizen Science in MonViA
  • A poster was created which is freely available as a download. If desired, the poster can also be sent by post. (link to the pdf)
  • A guide has been developed.

Involved external Thünen-Partners


Permanent task 9.2019

More Information

Project status: finished

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