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Comparison of fattening and laying performance of crosses between layer and meat breeds in order to evaluate their potential for commercially independent breeding of chicken for organic husbandry

Based on our previous project "Colorful chicken", in this project four dual purpose genotypes are evaluated regarding their potential for organic agriculture: Purebred German Lachshuhn, a cross of Lachshuhn and White Rock, and two crosses that were already tested in the previous project.

Background and Objective

The current Eu regulation for organic agriculture (848/2018) states as one of the aims of organic agriculture "encouraging the preservation of rare and native breeds". Therefore, this project focuses on using the breed "Deutsches Lachshuhn" unde the conditions of organic husbandry. Purebred Lachshuhn as well as a cross between Lachshuhn and the laying breed White Rock, will be compared with ÖTZ Cream and ÖTZ Coffee, two crosses of Ökologische Tierzucht gGmbH. ÖTZ Cream and ÖTZ Coffee have previously been tested during the project "Colorful Chicken", on which the current project is building.


Mixed-sex groups of all genotypes are reared at a commercial farm. The cockerels are slaughtered when they have reached the appropriate weight, and the pullets are reared until they are ready to lay. Afterwards, the hens are kept for a whole one-year laying period.


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4.2019 - 12.2020

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