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Resistance marker genes



Determination and Analysis of genetic markers associated to resistance and virulence factors

Genetic elements involved in sensibility, tolerance or resistance against pathogens are analysed with the aim to provide plant material for sustainable forests

Background and Objective

Woody plant species and forest stands are threatened by established and invasive pathogens. Research on pathogens and pathogen-host interaction is needed for the understanding of genetic differences between highly susceptible, tolerant or resistant genotypes. The identification of genetic markers associated to a low sensibility or resistance enable target-based selection of plant material. This research comprises intrinsic but also other factors involved in resistance encoded by native and foreign plant species.


  1. Diagnostics and differentiation of pathogens based on methods from molecular genetics
  2. Identification of virulence factors applying methods from classical microbiology but also comprising approaches analysing genomic and transcriptomic data in silico
  3. Development of methods for the evaluation of selected plant material under pathogen pressure
  4. Experiments on pathogen-host interaction in vitro and in planta (including omics-technologies)
  5. Evaluation of identified genetic markers associated to tolerance or resistance (host genotype and impact of holobiont's microorganisms)
  6. Supply of plant material characterized by low susceptibility, tolerance or resistance



Involved Thünen-Partners


Permanent task 1.2016

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Project status: ongoing