Charter for Wood 2.0


Charter for Wood 2.0

In November 2016, the Federal Government enacted a series of ambitious objectives and measures by adopting the Climate Action Plan 2050. It describes the Charter for Wood 2.0 as a milestone on the path to achieving its climate change mitigation targets. One of the goals of this Charter is to develop measures that will strengthen the contribution made by sustainable wood use to achieving climate change mitigation targets. The Climate Action Plan also calls upon us to closely link efforts to increase the contribution to climate change mitigation provided by forests, sustainable forestry and intelligent use of wood with the requirements of resource and material efficiency.

Background and Objective

The new edition of the Charter for Wood further develops and substantiates the Federal Government’s Forest Strategy 2020 with regard to using wood sourced from sustainable forestry.

The Charter for Wood 2.0 focuses on maintaining and expanding the benefits of sustainable, efficient consumption and long-term utilisation of wood to help mitigate climate change and create value, especially in rural areas. But the forest is far more than the sum of its trees and is more than just a source of wood.


The objectives of the Charter 2.0 can be achieved in a number of different ways. The overview below provides an outline of the important courses of action that can be taken by players in business (beyond the forestry & wood cluster), the public sector (Federal Government, federal states, municipalities), research institutes, universities and civil society.

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