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Cocoa - a product with potential for African countries?


Kakao (c)

Cacao: Production systems and economics in selected countries

Thünen institute does aim for intensifying the collaboration with African scientists to improve the data base for evidence based interventions. Furthermore, we strive to improve local stakeholder’s ability to define development goals and to monitor and analyse progress.

Since cocoa for many African countries is a key export commodity, the intensification in collaboration will be looking into cocoa initially.

Background and Objective

Establishment of a database about production systems and economics of cocoa production and creating contacts with scientists in the respective countries. In a second step, we will identify options to improve the economic performance of current systems. In both phases a training-on-the-job will take place by introducing young scientists to the agri benchmark tools and methods.


Based on officially available statistics we analyse the key features of the current production of cocoa – initially for Ghana and Ivory Coast. In a second phase, we will establish typical farms in selected regions to analyse the economic performance of the current production systems. With regards to options to optimise we will also collect data on Brazilian cocoa production. These will eventually later be used as best-practice benchmark for the African systems. All data will be entered into the farm level data base.

Data and Methods

Economics of cocoa production will be assessed by using typical farms, which we will establish together with our international partners as well as growers in the respective countries. We will be using TYPICROP to calculate respective economic performance data.



8.2017 - 12.2020

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