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Breeding of black alder


Selection of Black alder (Alnus glutinosa (L.)) resistant against Phytophthora alni and investigation of alders towards P. alni

For nearly 20 years the pathogen Phytophthora alni has caused severe damage in European alder stands. That has been resulted in severe losses in timber production and a loss of bank reinforcement. Chemical treatment of P. alni in forests and open landscapes is not possible. Therefore the project proposal focuses on the identification of resistant alder material and on the selection of descendants from crossings and testing of progenies. For prescreening and for testing the resistance towards P. alni a standardized test system under controlled conditions will be evaluated. Clones of interest will establish in tissue culture and propagated by methods in vitro. Clone plants will also be tested under natural conditions.

Background and Objective

Since 1990 alders have been infected by the fungal-like pathogen Phytophthora alni. That resulted in severe damages on alder stands in the forests and along river banks with fatal effects on flood defence. Outside nurseries a control of the pathogen with chemicals is not allowed. Therefore the aim of the project is to establish a first production of resistant alder clones of Alnus glutinosa:

-          Selection and propagation of field resistant clones (TI)

-          Development of a standardized inoculation method to test for resistance towards P. alni (JKI)

-          Studies on the resistance mechanisms and on the tissue colonization with histological techniques (JKI)

Development on a method for molecular identification of alder clones (TI)


. Selection of resistant individuals and populations from sites were P. alni is evident (approved selected seed stands, seed orchards, natural forests, bank protection stands). Growing of seedlings of selected progenies and clones (TI, JKI)

2. Development of a standard method to test the resistance of alders towards P. alni (JKI)

3. Testing of seed lots of approves seed orchards, approved stands and crossing families (JKI)

4. In vitro propagation of clones from individual trees showing resistance towards P. alni in first tests (TI)

5. Propagation of clonal material for a clone test for subsequent investigation after the project term (TI)

6. Adoption and standardization of histological techniques to study resistance mechanisms and tissue colonization in alder roots (JKI)


Involved Thünen-Partners

Involved external Thünen-Partners

Funding Body

  • Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR)
    (national, öffentlich)


1.2015 - 5.2018

More Information

Projekt type:
Project funding number: FKZ 22021911
Funding program: FNR
Project status: ongoing


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