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Building up an international network of typical organic farms


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Despite the dynamic development of organic agriculture in many countries all over the world, only little internationally comparable economic and technical information is available on the production, processing and trade of organic products. How do stakeholders who aim at strengthening organic farming in their countries get access to this kind of information?

Background and Objective

In the last 15 years, organic farming has experienced continuous growth in many countries. Compared with 1999, organic agricultural areas have more than quadrupled all over the world. At the same time, supply-chain processes have become more complex, diversified and are increasingly organized globally. Despite of the worldwide rise in the importance of organic agriculture, on an international level, economic and technical information on organic production, processing and trade is rare.

The overall aim of the project is to build up an international competence network of typical organic farms and to collect comprehensive information on organic farming worldwide.


Information on the organic sectors in the partner countries is collected by means of a written questionnaire. This information serves to interpret agricultural economic data and to compare organic sectors as well as value chains in different countries.

With the aid of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), typical organic farms (focus: dairy farms, cropping farms) are defined in the partner countries. The data of these typical farms are used to compare the economic performance of organic farms in different countries and to assess their international competitiveness.

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6.2016 - 5.2018

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