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Breeding new energy poplar varieties by biotechnology


ZÜEND: Breeding new energy poplar varieties for Germany

In comparison to other energy crops, short rotation coppice (SRC) of poplar trees show improved energy, environmental and economic balance. However, there is a high demand for poplar breeding of varieties that are adapted to this form of cultivation.

Background and Objective

Based on one with molecular markers already well-characterized line of poplar clones and having regard to the difficulties in the controlled intersections is the innovative technology of somatic hybridization be used to increase the genetic diversity through new combinations of poplar lines from the various sections and optimized energy poplars to grow.


Parallel to the development of new techniques in poplar breeding, molecular markers for important breeding characteristics as well as hybrid analysis are developed. One focus of the work will be on the combination of high juvenile growth ability and resistance to poplar leaf rust out.


Involved Thünen-Partners

Involved external Thünen-Partners

Funding Body

  • Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR)
    (national, öffentlich)


6.2011 - 5.2014

More Information

Projekt type:
Funding program: FNR
Project status: finished


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