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mycotoxin producing fungi



Investigation of PF1022A producing microorganisms living as saprophytes and endophytes in broadleaved and conifer forest trees

Fungal strains from woody material of woodland and forest tree species of natural forest sites could be identified as producers of the cyclic octadepsipeptide PF1022A and related compounds. These metabolites possess anthelmintic / nematicidal activity. All fungal strains belong to group of Xylariaceae. The strains identified as producers during the last project have to improve regarding the efficacy of metabolite production. Additionally, some other derivates were detected from single isolates. Further Aim is the selection of novel strains producing metabolites with anthelmintic character.

Background and Objective

Collection and identification of PF1022A producing fungal strains


evidence of anthelmintic compounds


Involved external Thünen-Partners

Funding Body

  • Bayer Crop Science
    (international, privat)


11.2011 - 6.2014

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Project status: finished


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