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Testing of clones of poplar and willow for short rotation coppice


Testing of clones of poplar and willow for production of energy wood in short rotation coppice

The Thuenen Institute of Forest Genetics owns a large collection of clones of the genus Populus and Salix. The suitability for short rotation coppice purposes of these clones will be tested at different trial sites. Besides growth resistance and ability to resprout after harvesting are important characters under investigation. Identification of the best clones will help to broader the number of clones suitable for the production of energy wood in practice.

Background and Objective

The most productive clones will be approved and recommende for planting in short rotation coppices.


After pre-testing in the nurseries the mots promising clones are propagated for establishment of stolbeds. Wooden cuttings of these clones are used for planting of up to 10 clone tests. After 3 to 5 years these trials will be harvested and the biomass will be assessed. Additionally resistance a gainst Melampsora leaf rust will be tested. Main goal is the selection of superior clones for short rotation plantations.


Involved Thünen-Partners


1.2011 - 2.2020

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  1. Liesebach M, Schneck V (2018) Clone test with hybrid aspen (As130). Thünen Rep 62:127-130
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 3679 kb