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Monitoring of organic support policies


In order to enable a further expansion of organic management practices, organic farms are supported with several measures. (c) fotolia/DOC RABE Media
In order to enable a further expansion of organic management practices, organic farms are supported with several measures. (© fotolia/DOC RABE Media)

Organic farming is supported with public funding in Europe. Which support measures exist and how much funding is available in Germany and in other EU Member States?

Background and Objective

In the past 15 years the palette of organic support measures has broadened increasingly and now covers the entire value chain. The payments remunerate the public benefits of organic farming such as, for example, the maintenance of biological diversity, or the reduction of pollution in water bodies. Furthermore the existing measures have the aim of improving the framework conditions for an expansion of organic farming. In order to compare the financial support in different regions and countries, and then assess the effectiveness of the different instruments and strategies, relevant support programmes and measures, including the level of premiums, are regularly documented and analysed.

Preliminary Results

Most EU countries offer a special land related payments in order to reward financially the contributions of organic farming, for example, to the protection of the environment. In addition there are numerous other support measures of organic farming such as, for example financial aid for the processing and marketing of organic products, investment aids, the support of training and consultations, general informational measures as well as public research grants for projects on organic farming. In many countries, different organic measures are combined and coordinated in the framework of an action plan for organic farming.

The analysis of different measures shows that the organic area payments is still the most important support instrument. In 2013, in Germany about 160 million Euros were spent for this purpose from funds from the European Union, the federal government and the federal states.


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Results 6 - 10 of 11

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