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Studies of biorythms and habitat exploitation of red deer


 (c) Egbert Gleich

In the last decades in many regions of Germany the hunting pressure on the deer continuously was increased for the forest conversion. On the other hand Intensive hunting and extended hunting seasons lead to a continuous use of sapling stage and to increase of game damage. It is therefore urgently necessary to see the habitat structure, the habitat improvement and the practice of hunting as an important unit and to develop new management strategies.

Background and Objective

With this goal carried out studies in the Thünen-Institute for Forest Ecosystems on the biorhythm of the red deer in different habitats since the early 2000s.

The investigations are carried out using GPS GSM satellite telemetry collar transmitter by the company VECTRONIC GmbH. There are determined the location data in a given time interval and sent via SMS. A collar transmitter provides in depending of the receiving quality and the signal frequency two to three years records. Thereby habitat exploitation and the activities of animals can be continuously observed without disturbance. In specific studies on the effect of various disturbances carried out the detection of the location data in a frequency of 15 to 30 minutes.

Target Group


Immobilization and marking, cartographic processing, editing by GIS analysis


Involved Thünen-Partners


Permanent task 4.2002

More Information

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Project status: ongoing


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Results 1 - 5 of 16

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