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Institute of

AT Agricultural Technology


multiple sensor system concerning soil conservation

Lead Institute AT Institute of Agricultural Technology

Adaptation of a trafficability sensor on large agricultural machines to test the current trafficability with regard to soil conservation

General assessments for the compaction sensitivity of soils are existing. The machine driver needs information about the actual compaction sensitivity of his fields for a soil conservativetrafficking, which by means of modern sensors has to be considered.

Background and Objective

The main goal of conservational soil protection is to reduce soil pressure. Among the technical solutions is a trafficability sensor, which among other things displays on-line measurements of track depths of the current settlement of top- and subsoil and thus delivers a measurement for the current compaction risk for the soil. Therefore the track depth at the surface can be interpreted regarding the threat of soil functions.

Target Group

Agricultural industry, policymakers, extension services and agricultural practitioners


An adjustment of vehicle parameters to the state of compaction takes place, for example, with a sonar sensor which adjusts the maximum deflection of the tires by altering the inner tire pressure. A hydrostatical soil settlement measurement, in addition to a soil pressure measurement, provides information about changes in the soil structure following a trafficking – elastic and plastic soil deformations are shown.

Data and Methods

Adaptation of intelligent sensor systems to heavy machinery for online measurement of: soil settlement, track depth and tire deflection as a prerequisite of a tire inflation pressure controlsystem.

Our Research Questions

online determination of the soil condition

load depending tire inflation pressure control system

Preliminary Results

development of an Europe-wide management system for heavy machinery

Involved external Thünen-Partners


10.2006 - 12.2025

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