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method to estimate the condition of forest soil properties of waterlogged soils


 (c) Erik Grüneberg

Development of a method to estimate the condition of forest soil properties of waterlogged soils

The forest site conditions of waterlogged soils strengthen and buffer the effects of the climate change by their water holding capacity for biological processes of forest trees. For a long-term based forest management there is a need to consider the state and trends of the soil conditions.

Background and Objective

The content of humus and water holding capacity as dynamic properties are particularly affected by climate change and anthropogenic impact on the hydrology of the forest sites and landscapes. Therefore, it is of the utmost urgency to integrate current and expected changes of forest soil conditions of waterlogged soils into the forest site map.

The project aims to identify methodological basics to survey the current forest site conditions of waterlogged soils including the regionalisation and integration into the forest site condition survey.


1. Setting of sampling plots as well as sampling of the organic layer and the top soil according to the BZE in three test areas

2. Transect surveying of organic layer properties on selected forest site units

3. Laboratory analysis as well as statistical analysis of the soil data

4. Analysis of the transect survey

5. Evaluation and regionalisation of the forest site conditions

6. Methodological suggestions for a sample based survey and a regionalisation of forest stands site conditions

7. Preparing a final report and presentation


Involved Thünen-Partners


7.2013 - 12.2014

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