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Crop: production systems und their economics


Traffic lanes through wheat field (c) fotolia/AKS
Traffic lanes through wheat field (© fotolia/AKS)

Crop: production systems und their economics - international competitiveness, technology-related research, policy impact assessment

Policy makers very often are faced with the challenge to access the implications of changes in the political, legal or technological framework conditions on arable production. This may for example referr to the ban of individual crop protection products. This project is providing ready-to-use answers to such questions - both on the national as well as on the international level.

Background and Objective

Provision of analysis regarding competetivnes of cash crop farming with special emphasis on agricultural and environmental policy, technological options and changes in ag trade policy. This way policy makers will be enabled to better assess the implications of interventions to political goals with regard to agriculture, technology and trade.


Based on an intensive exchange with decission makers in policy, agriculture and agribusiness relevant topics are identified.

Data and Methods

This project is based on farm economics figures which are being generated in the course of agri benchmark Cash Crop. This data is used to calculate the economics of (a) crop-specific production systems and/or respective farms.

Preliminary Results

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Zimmer, Y (2013): Isoglucose – how significant is the threat to the EU sugar industry?, in: Sugar Industry 138 (2013) No. 12, p. 770 – 777


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Permanent task 1.2006 - 12.2024

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Project status: ongoing

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Results 1 - 5 of 17

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