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Analysis of Production Costs on Dairy Farms within the EDF (European Dairy Farmers) Network


dairy cows in a freestall barn (c) Thünen-Institut/Birthe Lassen
dairy cows in a freestall barn (© Thünen-Institut/Birthe Lassen)

Due to the liberalisation of agricultural markets German dairy farmers face increasing competition regarding market shares on the world milk market. What are their chances?

Background and Objective

Changes in political framework conditions force German dairy farmers to face more and more conditions of the world milk market as well as new competitors from other member states. Due to reduced numbers of quota exchange regions and an increased size of the regions, the competition for market shares within Germany already grew. In 2015, when the quota system will be abolished at EU-level, regional changes in dairy production across EU-member states borders become easier. How German dairy farmers are positioned in the market and how the German dairy sector will develop is regularly analysed on the basis of statistical data and continuative surveys among dairy farmers (see EDF-agri benchmark Snapshot). The aim of this project is to know the productions costs for milk in different European Countries and to deduct conclusions about the competitiveness of different European Countries.


Annual analysis and comparison of the economical and technical performance of about 250 individual dairy farms from all over Europe.

Data and Methods

farm individual data, questionnaire survey, statistical analysis

Preliminary Results

Differences in production costs are often higher within countries than between countries. In times of fluctuating dairy markets, international comparisons become more difficult because of different accounting periods in the particular countries.


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Permanent task 9.2006

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