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Lignocellulose biorefinery II - Pretreatment of lignocellulosic materials and complete material use of its components

Bioethanol is a favorit basic product from biomass. It can be produced from straw after hydrothermal treatment, saccharification and fermentation of the sugar fraction. The lignin-enriched residue remains. It is planned to use both in adhesives or for aromatics production through fast pyrolysis.

Background and Objective

In a joint project BIOREFINERY 2021 partners from industry and science have identified two main routes for biorefinery concepts which are economically and ecologically viable: production of value-added platform chemicals and the efficient use of by-products. In this context, the use of lignin plays an important role. The second phase of the Biorefinery 2021 project is aimed at optimizing the utilization of lignin and xylose. Based on results from the first phase the lignin from the hydrothermal treatment will be tested in adhesive formulations. Dissolved lignins and solid lignins will be tested in adhesive formulations together with pyrolysis oils from lignin. Since 2009 the partners have been developing a biorefinery model aimed at realizing concepts and short-term solutions. Partners in the second part of the project involve three institutes form the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (Institute of Thermal Separation Processes, Institute of Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology, Institute of Environmental Technology and Energy Economics, Thünen Institute of Wood Research as well as TuTech Innovation GmbH, Sigmar Mothes Hochdrucktechnik, GmbH and tesa SE.


Hydrothermal treatment of wheat straw. The lignin fraction is pyrolyzed in a circulating fluidized bed reactor. Product yields and suitability for further process steps are evaluated together with an industrial partner.

Our Research Questions

Is it possible to convert the hydrothermal wheat straw lignin by pyrolysis in such a way that it can be used by the industrial partner?


results will be available in summer 2015

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