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Where is the milk produced? indication of origin


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Evaluation of a mandatory origin labelling for milk and milk used as an ingredient

Where is the origin of our dairy products? Where are the dairy cows kept that provide our milk? Many consumers are interested in the origin of the products they consume. Therefore the EU Commission considers the mandatory labelling of their origin. 

Background and Objective

Many consumers are interested in the origion of the food. Concerning meat there allready exists a mandatory labelling, therefore European Institutions discuss possiblities to introduce a mandatory labelling for milk and milk as an ingredient. Aim of the project is to evaluate impacts of different labelling options on the dairy sector.     


Starting point for the analysis are case studies in selected Member States. Within the case studies, firms of the dairy industry are questioned concerning expected impacts of different origin labelling options. Most important are likely effects on cost structure and processes. The Thünen Institute is responsible for the German case studies. Impacts on consumers are to be analyzed based on literature reviews. Derived changes in cost are introduced in model analysis to calculate the impacts on the whole sector.  


Results are to be expected until the end of the year 2014.

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