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Steffanie Schirren
Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture

Bundesallee 65
38116 Braunschweig
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Dipl.-Geoökol. Andreas Laggner

Dipl.-Geoökol. Andreas  Laggner
Bundesallee 65A
38116 Braunschweig
+49 531 596 2636
+49 531 596 2699

Research interests

  • Compilation and maintenance of the annual emission inventory on greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions according to land use in germany
  • GIS applications, analysis of remote sensing data, installation and administration of PostGIS/PostgreSQL on Linux server systems
  • Processing and back up of all spatial data belonging to the  annual emission reports LULUCF
  • Service (scientific policy advice, provision of data). Support in GIS, Linux and IT infrastructure)
  • Construction of the annual emission reports on agricultural greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions