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Institute of Rural Economics

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Social Security Systems in Agriculture


Focused on family farms: social security systems in agriculture (c) Günter
Focused on family farms: social security systems in agriculture (© Günter

Analyses of the social situation in agriculture and the future of agricultural social security

The agricultural social security system was subsidized with 3.7 billion Euros from the budget of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in 2014. That is 70 percent of the total budget of the ministry. We are studying the impact of the system as a central element of national agricultural policy and how it can be developed further.

Background and Objective

The agricultural social security system is comprised of the pension fund for famers, the agricultural health and long term care insurance and agricultural accident insurance. The analysis of this system includes important information for policymakers, for instance how the system can be further developed. For this purpose we conduct EU-wide comparative analyses. Long term research and proven expertise are available for all questions related to agricultural social security.


We study the social security of farmers and the financial and distributional impact of the existing agricultural social scurity systems. We analyze and evaluate reform proposals and develop own recommendations. We also conduct EU wide comparative research on the topic.

Data and Methods

Our analyses are based on statistics of the agricultural social security program and own research, which use, depending on the problem and questions, the broad spectrum of empirical social research methods.

Preliminary Results

Scientific studies dealing with the permanent research topic "social policy in agriculture" yielded a multiplicity of results for all branches of the agricultural social security systems. Current research topics are the strucural impact of the farm transfer clause in the old age pension system for farmers and recommendations for further development and the long term perspectives for the agricultural social securuty system.


Funding Body

  • Federal Ministry of Food und Agriculture (BMEL)
    (national, öffentlich)


Permanent task 1.2001

More Information

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Project status: ongoing

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    pdf document 500 kb
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Results 11 - 15 of 41

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