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Implementation of sustainability aspects in the general equilibrium model MAGNET


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MAGNET - susutainability criteria in our model

What are the impacts of bioenergy strategies on greenhouse gas emissions and land use change dynamics? What interlinkages are derived from the pursuit of such strategies?

Background and Objective

National and international bioenergy strategies generally target the mitigation of climate change. But they also affect global commodity markets and resource allocation. Currently prevalent models used in the field of policy impact assessment are primarily designed to depict market dynamics. Therefore, such models need to be extended to be able to account for sustainability requirements of bioenergy strategies; land use change dynamics; and interlinkages between agricultural, forestry and energy markets.


We conduct conceptual work as a basis for modeling the impacts of sustainability requirements, land use change dynamics and interlinkages between agricultural, forestry and energy markets. We collect and validate data and model parameters.

Our Research Questions

  • How can sustainability requirments of bioenergy strategies be accounted for?
  • What kind of interlinkages need to be considered in the evaluation of bioenergy strategies?


This project aims at updating and extending the gerenal equilibrium model MAGNET to enhance its usability as a meaningful tool in the field of policy impact assessment.



2.2014 - 8.2015


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