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Institute of

WO Forest Ecosystems

Dr. Nikolai Knapp

Institute of Forest Ecosystems

Alfred-Möller-Straße 1, Haus 41/42
16225 Eberswalde

Fields of Expertise

Forest Monitoring

  •  National forest condition survey
  •  Data analysis about defoliation and damage causes
  •  Quality control
  •  Remote sensing


Curriculum vitae


since 2021:
Scientist at Thünen-Institute of Forest Ecosystems, Eberswalde

2019 – 2021:
Scientist at Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Leipzig, in the RedMod project 

PhD in Environmental Systems Sciences at the University of Osnabrück

since 2016:
Guest lecturer at HNE Eberswalde in the module „Collection and analysis of lidar data“  and teaching in the UFZ Winterschool Ecological Modelling 

2015 - 2018: 
Scientist at Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig, and University of Osnabrück working for the Biotrop-X project, the Helmholtz Alliance for Remote Sensing and Earth System Dynamics  and as co-developer of the forest model FORMIND 

Research assistant in the REDD+ monitoring group of the Peruvian ministery of environment in Lima

2012 - 2014:
Forest Information Technology studies (MSc.) at HNE Eberswalde and SGGW Warsaw

2006 - 2012:
Biology studies (Diploma) at University of Würzburg with research stays at University Via Domitia Perpignan (2010) and University of Brunei Darussalam (2011)

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