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Ökologischer Betrieb
Ökologischer Betrieb
Institute of

BW Farm Economics

Dr. Walter Dirksmeyer

Institute of Farm Economics

Bundesallee 63
38116 Braunschweig

Memberships with Boards

  1. Vice President of the German Society of Horticultural Science (Deutsche Gartenbauwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e. V. - DGG) and member of the DGG Excutive Committee since 2021, speaker of DGG Section Economics and member of the DGG Board from 2010 until 202
  2. Country Representative in the Council of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) since 2020
  3. Member of the Expert Commission of the Center for Business Management in Horticulture and Applied Research (Zentrum für Betriebswirtschaft im Gartenbau e. V. - ZBG) since 2007 
  4. Member of the board of WeGa - Competence Network Horticulture (WeGa - Kompetenznetz Gartenbau e. V. - WeGa) from 2014 until 2020
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