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Clean Fish - alternative food from cell culture



Fish meat from cell culture - in vitro fish - is an alternative technique for food production without industrial fishery, without conventional animal husbandry and without harm for animals.

Background and Objective

The increasing global demand for animal protein calls for alternatives in food production. One possibility is in vitro production of fish meat. Stem cells were isolated from fish biopsies and developed to muscle tissue cells. They were then used for fish meat production. This process takes place in vitro with specialized media in a bio reactor. This is the innovative idea behind Clean Fish project. The products will be investigated for nutritionally valuable ingredients as well as for contaminants.

Data and Methods


  1. Lipid determination (gravimetrically)
  2. Lipid components determination (thin layer chromatography coupled with flame ionisation detection)
  3. Fatty acid methyl ester determination (FAME; gas chromatography with flame ionisation detection)
  4. Mercury determination (direct mercury determination, AAS)

Our Research Questions

  • What is the composition of in vitro fish meat compared to fishes from aquaculture or from the sea?
  • How is the composition of fat and fatty acids from in vitro fish meat compared to fishes from aquaculture or from the sea?
  • Which conventional product is most comparable to in vitro fish?
  • Are contaminants lower concentrated in in vitro fish meat compared to fish from the sea?

Preliminary Results

We expect results concerning the composition of in vitro-fish compared to conventional produced fish or wild catches respectively. This includes especially the lipid composition of the food and for environmental contaminants.

From these results we will derive advantages and disadvantages for the alternative food in vitro-fish. If applicable we will define improvements needed in a future production process.

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Funding Body

  • Bundesland Bremen
    (national, öffentlich)
  • European Union (EU)
    (international, öffentlich)


10.2021 - 9.2023


Kaesler Nutrition