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Genetischen Referenzdaten und statistische Methoden zur Art- und Herkunftsbestimmung


Development and improvement of genetic reference data and statistical methods for the identification of species and geographical origin

The aim of this activity is to develop reference datasets for the forensic testing of timber.

Background and Objective

 With the entry into force of the EU Timber Regulation, there is demand on testing the claims on species and geographic origin on timber with DNA fingerprints. This research field is quite new, and existing statistical methods for genetic assignment need to be tested and improved to reach forensic standarts. Further, we aim at developping high quality reference data for the most significant timber species.


We organise the sampling of material for DNA analysis within the whole species distribution range and record everything in a database. For most species, we use NGS methods to find SNP markers, which are screened in a subset of samples representing the whole distribution range. Finally, we genotype all reference samples at the most informative SNP markers. Because prices of NGS and genotyping are decreasing, we regularly test new methods. We use reference data for further testing of statisctical methods and for testing of timber samples.


Involved Thünen-Partners


Permanent task 1.2017 - 12.2022

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Project status: ongoing