Thünen SDI – Info platform “georeferenced data”

How can our data be used most efficiently? To enhance the usage and provision of spatial data we coordinate the development of a spatial data infrastructure at the Thünen Institute (Thünen-SDI).

Background and Objective

In the long term the Thünen GDI will ensure a standardized access to the data pool
of the Thünen Institute which improves the requirements for integrated analyses.
Our primary aim is to improve the quality, currency, and documentation of
research data from all of the 14 Thünen institutes. We will further develop a infrastructure
which will provide national and international research partners and the general
public with a transparent and consistent access to data of the Thünen Institute
while meeting the requirements of the EU INSPIRE directive (EP 2007/2/EG) on the
availability of geospatial information for transnational use in Europe.


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