Institute of

Forest Ecosystems

New structure of the institute


The Institute of Forest Ecosystems has a new structure since 01.02.2018. In this way, we want to optimize the coordination of tasks and personnel management in our enlarged institute. By transferring management tasks from the head of the institute to the newly created second management level we want to improve work organization and management.

Thünen-Institut für Waldökosysteme ab Februar 2018 (© Thünen-WO)

The most important structure element are the four fields of activity:

  • Forest resources and climate protection
  • Soil protection and forest health
  • Forest ecology and biodiversity
  • Wildlife ecology.

In addition, the ICP Forest Programme Coordination Centre is located in the Institute.

Interdisciplinary topics are coordinated in cross-section groups.

  • Data infrastructure
  • Remote sensing
  • Nature conservation.

Contact persons are appointed for the nationwide programmes coordinated by the Institute.

  • Soil Condition Survey in the forest
  • National Forest Inventory
  • Intensive Forest Monitoring
  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting
  • Forest Condition Survey.