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Further Publications by PD Dr. Sven Günter

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  1. Weber M, Stimm B, Lopez MF, Gerique A, Pohle P, Hildebrandt P, Knoke T, Palomeque X, Calvas B, Günter S, Aguirre N, Kübler D (2013) Current provisioning services: conservation forest management and reforestation. Ecol Stud 221:171-186
  2. Günter S, Calvas B, Lotz T, Bendix J, Mosandl R (2013) Knowledge transfer for conservation and sustainable management of natural resources: a case study from Southern Equador. Ecol Stud 221:395-409
  3. Calvas B, Knoke T, Castro LM, Hildebrandt P, Weber M, Stimm B, Mosandl R, Günter S, Aguirre N (2013) Sustainable agriculture and conservation payments are keyfactors in mitigating tropical forest loss. Ecol Stud 221:235-246
  4. Knoke T, Calvas B, Hildebrandt P, Weber M, Stimm B, Günter S, Aguirre N, Mosandl R (2013) Sustainable use of tropical forests : a plea for a landscape view. Ecol Stud 221:343-354
  5. Günter S, Louman B, Oyarzun V (2012) Criteria and indicators to improve the ability to monitor forests and promote sustainable forest management: interchange of ideason the processes of Montral and Latin America. Turrialba, C R: CATIE, 60 p, Techn Ser Techn Bull CATIE 54
  6. Jadan O, Torres B, Günter S (2012) Influencia del uso de la tierra sobre almacenamiento de carbono en sistemas productivos y bosque primario en Napo, Reserva de Biosfera Sumaco, Ecuador. Rev Amazon 1(3):173-186
  7. Günter S, Weber M, Stimm B, Mosandl R (2012) Linking tropical silviculture to sustainable forest management. Bois Forêts Tropiques 314(4):25-39
  8. Spannl S, Günter S, Peters T, VollandF, Bräuning A (2012) Which factors control tree growth in a tropical mountain forest? The case of Cedrela montana in Southern Equador. In: TRACE - Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology : Vol. 10, Proceedings of the Dendrosymposium 2011, May 11th - 14th, 2011 in Orleans, France. Potsdam: Deutsches Geoforschungszentrum
  9. Roman-Cuesta RM, Salinas N, Asbjornsen H, Oliveras I, Huaman V, Gutierrez Y, Puelles L, Kala J, Yabar D, Rojas M, Astete R, Jordan DY, Silman M, Mosandl R, Weber M, Stimm B, Günter S, Knoke T, Malhi Y (2011) Implications of fires on carbon budgets in Andean cloud montane forest: the importance of peat soils and tree resprouting. Forest Ecol Manag 261(1):1987-1997, DOI:10.1016/j.foreco.2011.02.025
  10. Urgiles N, Lojan P, Aguirre Mendoza NA, Blaschke H, Günter S, Stimm B, Kottke I (2011) La aplicacion de raíces micorrizadas mejora el crecimiento de plántulas de árboles tropicales en vivero: un paso hacia la reforestación con especies nativas en los Andes del Ecuador. Estud Univ 33(3):130-142

Results 1 - 10 of 36

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