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Publications of Dr. Paola Pozo Inofuentes

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  1. Pozo Inofuentes PS, Säumel I (2018) How to bloom the green desert: Eucalyptus plantations and native forests in Uruguay beyond black and white perspectives. Forests 9(10):614, DOI:10.3390/f9100614
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 1418 kb
  2. Anthelme F, Meneses RI, Valero NNH, Valero NNH, Pozo Inofuentes PS, Dangles O (2017) Fine nurse variations explain discrepancies in the stress-interaction relationship in alpine regions. Oikos 126(8):1173-1183, DOI:10.1111/oik.04248
  3. Pozo Inofuentes PS, Hind DJN (2013) A new species of Calea sect. Meyeria (Compositae: Heliantheae: Neurolaeninae), Calea woodii, from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Kew Bull 68(3):511-515
  4. Pozo Inofuentes PS, Wood JRI, Soto D, Beck S (2013) Endemic plant species to the serranías of Roboré and Concepción: Implications for conservation. Rev Sociedad Boliviana Bot 7(1):73-81
  5. Pozo Inofuentes PS (2013) The mountains of Roboré: Diversity, Ecology and Endemism. La Paz: SUMA AMTAWI, 90 p
  6. Florez C, Pozo Inofuentes PS (2012) Amazonian forests and adaptation to climate change: Remarks in Bolivia and Peru. In: Proceedings of the third international DAAD workshop. pp 153-164

Results 1 - 6 of 11

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