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Wood resource monitoring: Successful project completion


During the wood resource monitoring project INFRO e. K. - Information Systems for Raw Materials, University of Hamburg and Thünen Institute analyzed wood flows in Germany. Study results close existing gaps in official statistics and provide an important data basis for the implementation of “Charta für Holz 2.0” of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), which aims to intensify the sustainable use of wood.

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On 28th of June 2018, the partners of the project wood resource monitoring (in german) presented their results in the Umweltforum in Berlin. The project was funded by the BMEL aiming for a better quantification of German wood flows and thus improve official statistics. The result is a complete raw material balance, which supports the understanding of material cycles, allows for a quantitative estimation of wood energy use and answers questions concerning bio-economy. In this respect, it is not just a data basis but also a decision-making support instrument for the sustainable use of wood.

The presentations of the closing event are available for download on the FNR website. The key messages of the project can be found in the handout (in german)  Detailed results can be found online in individual studies (in german) as well as a brief summary in a booklet (in german).

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