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Visit of the Russian Federal Forest Agency


During the 7th German-Russian workshop on cooperation in forestry between representatives of BMEL and the Russian Federal Forest Agency, a visit of the Thünen Centre of Competence on the Origin of Timber in Hamburg-Bergedorf took place.

Teilnehmer der russischen und deutschen Delegationen im Kreis von Kollegen des Thünen-Instituts in Hamburg-Bergedorf./Participants of the Russian and the German delegations with colleagues of the Thünen Institute in Hamburg-Bergedorf. (© Christina Waitkus)

The Russian Delegation, led by Nikolai Krotov, Deputy Head of the Federal Forest Agency, was informed about the state of development, the application of the EUTR (European Timber Regulation) and the role of the Centre of Competence in determining the various marketed timber species as well as about the data base macroHOLZdata and the xylotheque.

Further stops of the meeting were the Agency for Renewable Resources, which also was the main venue for the exchange of information and opinions, and the State Forestry Office in Billenhagen/Rostock, which organized an excursion on the topic “oak forest management in north-eastern Germany”.

The delegation meeting ended by visiting the “Reichstag” (German Federal Parliament) in Berlin. Thünen Institute of International Forestry and Forest Economics was represented by Dr. J.-M. Schröder who was member of the German delegation.