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Successful Dissertation of LaForeT counterpart Dr. Bolier Torres Navarrete


Dr. Bolier Torres, counterpart of the LaForeT project in Ecuador, has successfully finished his PhD.

Successful Dissertation of Dr. Bolier Torres Navarrete (members of examination board from left to right: Prof. Dr. A. Menzel, PD Dr. S. Günter, Dr. B. Torres, Prof. Dr. C. Paul, Prof. Dr. T. Knoke) (© )

The title is „Livelihood strategies and agricultural diversification in a leading hotspot area: a multilevel analysis in the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve, Ecuadorian Amazon“ under supervision of Prof Dr. Knoke at TU München and co-upervision of PD Dr. Sven Günter from Thünen Institute of International Forestry and Forest Economics.