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Publication of an article on timber storage by forest enterprises after extreme storm events


Forests are exposed to increasing risk from extreme storm events. As a result of such storm events, forest enterprises store substantial amounts of timber surpluses, sometimes over several years. Despite a fundamental awareness of such storage processes, there is insufficient knowledge about the quantitative relationships with regard to the storage of roundwood.

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Particularly due to the considerable temporal misallocation of fellings in the course of the use-side estimation of wood removals and fellings, the project "Resource monitoring for wood" has undertaken analysis and modeling of timber storage accumulation in the context of extreme storm events.
With an emphasis on the storage of roundwood in Germany after the extreme storm events Lothar and Kyrill, an article presenting scientific results has been published in the journal "European Journal of Forest Research”. For this purpose, empirical data from the German Forest Accountancy Data Network (FADN) were used. Correlations between changes in timber prices, the extent of damage and timber storage accumulation were evaluated and quantified by means of regression analyses. Furthermore, the influence of tree species groups, types of ownership and size classes of forest enterprises on the storage of roundwood was investigated and quantified.

  • Zimmermann K, Schuetz T, Weimar H (2018) Analysis and modeling of timber storage accumulation after severe storm events in Germany. Eur J Forest Res:in Press, DOI:10.1007/s10342-018-1116-1