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Publication by Yvonne Hargita


The Thünen Working Paper 36 on "Assessing the relevance of countries and their capacities for reporting forests under UNFCCC" has been published.

(© Yvonne Hargita)

Within the Research & Development Project "Forest sector under a future climate regime" first results have been published by Yvonne Hargita. We developed an assessment tool based on criteria and indicators to assess, in a transparent and flexible manner, both relevance and capacity. As the assessment tool allows flexible weighting of criteria and indicators, countries could be further assessed under different focuses/scenarios. Depending on the capacity assessment, the relevant countries can be classified into two groups.

The first group consists of countries with a high potential impact on emissions from forests, but lacking capacities to report on them. Special consideration should be given to these countries when it comes to financing future measures in capacity building.

The second group consists of countries considered as having already the technical and economic potential to engage in ambitious reporting. They should be invited to take their share in the responsibility towards limiting anthropogenic climate change.

TI-Working Paper 36 pdf document