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New publications on restoration of ecosystem services in tropical forests


Tropical forests are still under enormous pressure and therefore subject to degradation and deforestation.

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The development of strategies for restoration of ecosystem services on abandoned and degraded land has consequently a high priority on the research agenda. At the example of tropical rain forest in South Ecuador potential instruments for restoration strategies have been developed in cooperation with partner universities form Ecuador, Costa Rica and Germany.

We analyzed the importance of seed quality for restoration purposes and compared the influence of natural succession processes and planting methods for restoration strategies.

Additionally, we evaluated the structural and functional connectivity of fragmented forest landscapes for different types of organisms. The Articles:

  • Palomeque X, Günter S, Siddons D, Hildebrandt P, Stimm B, Aguirre N, Arias R, Weber M (2017) Natural or assisted succession as approach of forest recovery on abandoned lands with different land use history in the Andes of Southern Ecuador. New Forests: in press, DOI:10.1007/s11056-017-9590-8
  • Alonso-Fernandez AM, Finegan B, Brenes C, Günter S, Palomeque X (2017) Evaluación de la conectividad estructural y funcional en el corredor de conservación Podocarpus-Yacuambi, Ecuador. Caldasia 39(1):140-156, DOI:10.15446/caldasia.v39n1.64324 PDF Document (nicht barrierefrei) 3620 KB
  • Palomeque X, Maza A, Iñamagua JP, Günter S, Hildebrandt P, Weber M, Stimm B (2017) Variabilidad intraespecifica en la calidad de semillas de especies forestales nativas en bosques montanos en el sur del Ecuador: Implicaciones para la restauracion de bosques. Rev Ciencias Ambient 51(2):52-72, DOI:10.15359/rca.51-2.3 PDF Document (nicht barrierefrei) 1582 KB