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New publication on Wood Products Market Modelling


The forest-based sector can play diverse roles in the emerging bio-economy. Under the title "Modelling Bioeconomy Scenario Pathways for the Forest Products Markets with Emerging Lignocellulosic Products", this study examines how wood product markets could develop in a growing bioeconomy and which interdependencies occur between traditional and emerging forest-based industries.

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Based on the scenarios designed in the reign of the joint research project “BEPASO – Bioeconomy pathways and societal transformation strategies), the authors analyse the development of dissolving pulp together with lignocellulose-based textile fibres and chemical derivatives in an extend version of the Global Forest Products Model (GFPM).

The findings suggest that, if the world could change toward a sustainable bioeconomy, consumption of roundwood could shift from fuelwood or classical paper production towards more efficient production of wood-based panels or lignocellulose-based materials.

  • Morland C, Schier F (2020) Modelling bioeconomy scenario pathways for the forest products markets with emerging lignocellulosic products. Sustainability 12(24):10540, DOI:10.3390/su122410540 PDF Dokument (nicht barrierefrei) 626 KB