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New Article on timber stock residence times in forest storage after severe storm events


The analysis of specific methodological aspect in the project wood resources monitoring results in a new publication. Objective of the analysis was to explore the residence times of felled timber in forest storage in forest enterprises after severe storm events.

(© Holger Weimar)

It is well known that storage of significant amounts of timber from thrown or dead trees after natural disturbances is an established practice for forest enterprises. Timber storage mitigates economic losses caused by supply-driven timber price falls after natural disturbances.

In the newly published article we assess the significance of several explanatory variables representing economic, institutional and tree species-related factors on the mean residence times of felled timber.

We apply the resulting parameters with the continuous gamma distribution. Results show the effect of the control variables on storage management. The methodology shows the potential to describe differences in timber stock quantities even on shorter timescales than the mean storage residence times.

Results show that besides market price dynamics, species groups, ownership categories and forest worker capacities are statistically significant controls for mean residence times of timber stock in storage.

  • Zimmermann K, Schuetz T, Weimar H, Dieter M (2020) Exploring controls of timber stock residence times in storage after severe storm events. Eur J Forest Res:in Press, DOI:10.1007/s10342-020-01310-7 PDF Dokument (nicht barrierefrei) 1369 KB