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New article on mixed-species plantations as multifunctional tool for forest landscape restoration


This publication looks into a form of mixed-species plantation restoration initiative in the Philippines and its resemblance with the remaining natural forests.

(© MDPI Environments Volume 7 Issue 3 Cover Story)

The study investigated the capability of the “rainforestation” approach as a form of mixed-species plantation to resemble the previously existing natural forest conditions in the areas where it is being implemented.
It also identified its implications for sustainable forest management and landscape restoration in the Philippines.
Results show that mixed-species plantations can considerably recover (or improve) species diversity, carbon stocks and forest stand volume. Hence, this approach further complements the country’s national initiative to restore degraded forest areas.
Acknowledgement: The research was funded through the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture based on a decision of the German Bundestag.

  • Veridiano, R.K., Schröder, J.M., Come, R., Baldos, A., & Günter, S. 2020. Towards Forest Landscape Restoration Programs in the Philippines: Evidence from Logged Forests and Mixed-Species Plantations. Environments,7(3), 20.
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